Local Plan – Public Consultation

Southport Town Hall

Southport Town Hall

At the Full Council meeting last night  in Southport Town Hall 27th June 2013 Councillors voted to approve the preferred Local Plan “Option 2” be adopted for public consultation.

There was  a petition from Maria Bennett on behalf of FRAGOFF  details of which can be found here:- SEFTON WEBSITE

Formby Residents Action Group Opposition
From Formby (FRAGOFF)

There was was an epic performance of playing to the gallery by Lib Dem Councillors with Councillor Blackburn reduced to tears. C Dawson was even reprimanded by Madam Mayor’ Councillor Maureen Fearn J.P. for not addressing his debate to the Mayor.

Sefton Leader, Councillor Peter Dowd responded with a fiery demolition of the Lib-dem’s usual ‘Fence-sitting’ reminding them all that it is THEIR Government that has set the legislation that inevitably sets developers free to help themselves to our Green Belt land unless we come up with a “Local Plan” that THEIR OWN Planning Inspectorate will accept.


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