10 lies the Coalition are telling about the Economy #9

Cameron LaughingLIE #9

Labour’s reckless spending during the recession made the problem worse

“Nothing illustrates better the total irresponsibility of the last government’s approach than the fact that they kept on ratcheting up unaffordable government spending even when the economy was shrinking….while the people employed by the taxpayer were insulated from the harsh realities of the recession…everyone else in the economy was paying the price.”
(Source: David Cameron speech, 7 June 2010)


Labour’s spending during the recession helped end the recession and prevented it turning into a more serious depression.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that Government Spending had accounted for a rise of 0.4% in GDP last year, helping end the recession.
(Source: ONS reported in Evening Standard, 12 July 2010)

Incidentally borrowing and spending to help end the recession is exactly what Ken Clarke did after the previous recession, when he was Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1992 onwards – clearing up the mess made by Norman Lamont and his adviser David Cameron.

From Howard Dawber



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