Ed Miliband on the NHS – Daily Mirror

Camron NHS liesEd Miliband in today’s Daily Mirror.

Extract, Full article CLICK HERE

OUR National Health Service is 65-years-old this week. We should celebrate this with huge pride and say thank you to all of the doctors, nurses, porters and staff for the care they give to the nation.

But on this year’s birthday, there are growing signs that our NHS is in deep distress.

People are waiting on ­trolleys for 12 hours or more inside A&E. Outside, ambulance queues have become twice as long. And the postcode lottery in ­services is getting worse.

The response from David Cameron’s Tory-led ­Government has been to shrug its shoulders and blame everybody else – doctors, nurses, even the NHS itself. This is no accident. It is a deliberate strategy by the Tories…(Continues)……

We would repeal David Cameron’s Health Act and reinstate the ­Secretary of State’s duty to provide a comprehensive health service.

We will stop the fragmentation and the privatisation of our NHS so we keep it as a truly national service and begin rebuilding the ethos of our NHS – so that its first 65 years are not the last.

THE Rt Hon Ed Miliband



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