Pickles to Appear at the Local Government Conference

David-Cameron-Eric-PicklesCameron & Pickles are letting the Country Down.

Excerpt from Labour Party brief. 2/6/13

At the Local Government Conference tomorrow Wednesday, the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) head, Eric Pickles MP is expected to make a speech in praise of the record of his department. David Cameron and Eric Pikles record is,  in reality, one of incompetence and failure. They are letting people down – more interested in pursuing headlines and playing Political games than addressing the big problems facing Britain. Some of the failures are highlighted below.(See the full brief for more)


Lowest level in 23 years

New Buy Scheme.

Only 2,291 sold. That’s  98,000 short of target.


Last month the DCLG were found to be covering up failures and the Tory Party chairman found to be supressing EMails that highlighted failures.

Bin Collection scheme.

Only 5 Councils have bothered to take up the offer of funding  to support weekly collections


10% rise to 55,300 in 2012/13

Council Tax

45% increase in arrears.

Affordable Homes.

Completions fell by 29% to 36,672 in 2012/13


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